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Case Study: Mixing Solutions and Slurries - Effectively, Economically, and Safely Mixing Diatomaceous Earth

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To help develop an optimized manufacturing process for diatomaceous earth slurry to meet their customer’s specifications for coating paper products. The solution had to precisely add dry diatomaceous earth at an accuracy of ±2%, and a concentration of 7.15% by weight.

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Case Study: Bulk Bag Unloader and Vacuum Conveyor System Automates Material Handling and Adds Cost Savings

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Werner G. Smith, Inc. was awarded a long-term contract from a new customer which required the blending of a granular powder with an aqueous chemical solution. Under the terms of the agreement, the customer would provide the raw materials and WGS would make the product in accordance with the specifications set forth in the agreement. The job began at a time when WGS had extra capacity in one of its large reactors allowing the reactor to be dedicated for this process. Dedicating the unused processing space was an excellent way for WGS to maintain on-time deliveries while still accepting new work from other customers. The building where the product was intially made had no loading dock, which meant 55 lb bags of raw material had to be hauled and processed manually.

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Case Study: Basic American Foods Expands Plant Capacity in Record Time, Ensures Reliability with Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors

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A processor must expand its capacity and add new lines in half the time normally required for such a project. The material being conveyed is a very fine powder and can be problematic.

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Application Review: Bulk Bag Unloading Stations with Integral Pneumatic Conveying System Accurately Delivers Metered Materials

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Deliver measured amounts of four powdered ingredients, received in bulk bags to slurry tanks. Some materials are hygroscopic, flow poorly in humid environments and may contain small agglomerations. Whereas some materials do not mix readily into solution, the delivery must be metered so as not to exceed the mixers ability to force it into suspension. System must be automatic and fit into an existing manufacturing space with a very limited footprint. Housekeeping is a concern- provision to minimize the escape of airborne product is essential. Control system must be open architecture and comprised of commonly available, highly dependable components to minimize downtime.

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Application Review: Vacuum Conveying System Eliminates Cross-Contamination for Pharmaceutical Company

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A major pharmaceutical company came to Hapman for assistance in providing them with a vacuum conveyor system to meet their specific requirements. It was to take their finished product from a dryer and discharge it into a mobile bulk material handling system, which was scale mounted for precision metering and batching. The problem was that it needed to incorporate an efficient cleaning system which totally eliminated any possibility of cross-contamination with product change overs.

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White Paper: Mixing Solutions and Slurries - Effectively and Economically Safely

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A perpetual challenge in the chemical industry has been finding an ideal way to effectively mix solids and liquids to create optimal slurry – and at the same time, utilizing the least amount of floor space, energy and human resources.

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Tech Brief: Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Vacuum ConveyorChoosing a Pneumatic Conveying System: Pressure or Vacuum

Because they are efficient and inherently dust-tight, pneumatic conveying systems provide the most practical method for moving large quantities of dry materials, whether powdered, granulated, or pelletized. Pneumatic conveying systems, which use an air stream to move materials through horizontal and/or vertical piping, come in two forms: pressure or vacuum.

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