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Case Study: Mixing Solutions and Slurries - Effectively, Economically, and Safely Mixing Diatomaceous Earth

Solidquid Liquid/Solid System IllustrationCHALLENGE
To help develop an optimized manufacturing process for diatomaceous earth slurry to meet their customer’s specifications for coating paper products. The solution had to precisely add dry diatomaceous earth at an accuracy of ±2%, and a concentration of 7.15% by weight.

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Application Review: Hapman Engineers Mobile Industrial Processing System that Meets the Mixing & Blending Demands of Changing Manufacturing Environments

Mobile Bulk Material Handling SystemCHALLENGE
Mobile production, or modular pre-processing, is becoming increasingly vital to all major process driven industries and range from oil and gas, chemical, and energy, to food processing and pharmaceutical. One way to overcome the challenge of processing new raw materials in uncertain operating environments is to mix or pre-process at the source rather than trucking feedstock directly from the sourced location. Mixing material at the source can reduce transportation and processing costs, and improve chemical volume and quality through mixing or pre-processing.

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Case Study: Stillwater Mining Improves Smelting Efficiency and Yield, Eliminates Dust with Tubular Drag Conveyor

Feeder System InstallationCHALLENGE
Stillwater Mining was challenged with maintaining constant temperatures in a smelting furnace to ensure efficient extraction. Also, to create a safe, environmentally friendly process for dumping bulk bags of carbon dust.

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White Paper: Material Effect on Power Requirements for Screw Feeders

Variety of screw augers for a Feeder.A screw feeder is commonly used to meter flow in powder processing applications because of ease of use, low maintenance, and material integrity without degradation. The relatively simplistic equipment design of the screw feeder can be misleading when selecting and specifying motor and auger sizes.

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White Paper: Mixing Solutions and Slurries - Effectively and Economically Safely

Vacuum Feeder and Liquid/Solid System IllustrationCHALLENGE
A perpetual challenge in the chemical industry has been finding an ideal way to effectively mix solids and liquids to create optimal slurry – and at the same time, utilizing the least amount of floor space, energy and human resources.

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