Literature: Drag Conveyors

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Application Review: Drag Chain Conveying System Supports Refinery Filter Cake Recycle and Reuse

Case-Hardened Drag Chain IllustrationCHALLENGE
A large oil company sought to expand refinery operations at one of their global locations. The expansion required an effective way to handle the filter cake at a new refinery. The high-volume of filter cake coupled with the system redundancy required by the producer meant numerous conveyors would be needed to meet specifications. In addition, the corrosive environment required conveyor design to provide reliable, long-term, 24/7 operation.

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Application Review: Drag Chain Conveyor Aluminum Foundry Automates Transfer Process with a Dependable, Heavy-Duty, Single Strand Top Carry Drag Chain Conveyor

Drag Chain Conveyor engineered to efficiently and reliably move and meter the foundry sand into casting flasks.CHALLENGE
Manually shoveling sand to fill cope and drag boxes (casting flask) for sand casting is a physically demanding process for mold makers, who on average shovel 20 tons of casting sand weighing 100 lbs. per cubic foot into 70-80 molds per day. This demanding operating condition creates a high level of physical strain on the mold maker’s body. The result of this strain was a multi-million-dollar-per-year workers compensation obligation for an aluminum foundry.

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Tech Brief: Drag Chain Conveyor Operation

Drag Chain ConveyorChain conveyors whether known as Drags, Scraper, Paddle, or En-Masse all start out with a continuous chain and fixed flights operating within an enclosed trough. While each individual type functions somewhat differently, their purpose is to accelerate and move a bulk commodity from inlet to discharge at a specific rate. The word “Drag” relates to all styles; scraper, paddle or en-masse because each type of conveyance moves the chain and product forward to the discharge. The difference relates to how this is accomplished.

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Tech Brief: Selecting A Conveyor for Effectively Moving Bulk Materials

Tubular Drag ConveyorCHALLENGE
Selecting a conveyor for a bulk material handling application is not always as straight forward as one might think. Moving material consistently, at a rate that is inline with production requirements, and in a manner that does not contribute negatively to the plant operating environment; such as dusting or increased maintenance, can be a challenging endeavor for process engineers and procurement personnel.

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