Bulk Material Density Guide

You need to know bulk density to work with any powder or bulk solid. This guide listing thousands of materials is meant as a reference tool to assist you in designing your production system.

Because the bulk density of a substance varies greatly depending on how the material has been handled, the information contained in this reference tool should be used for estimation purposes only.

You can scroll through the entire list or start typing the name of a compound in the search field, all materials containing those characters will be displayed.

Materials listed in bold print are among the 2,800 substances Hapman has helped customers to convey.

Bulk MaterialBulk Density
Acetaminohen Powder, Unmilled430.688794
Acetylene Black, 100% Compressed350.560646
Acetylsalicyic Acid200.320369
Acrylic Granules, Coarse400.64
Acrylic Granules, Fine360.58
Acrylonitrile Butadien Styrene (Abs) Resin500.8
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (Abs) Granules360.58
Activated Alumina42.50.68
Activated Carbon32.50.52
Actylene Black45.50.73
Aero Xanthates112.51.8
Aerosil, Fumed Silica320.51
Aerosil, Silicon Dioxide300.48
Ale Cider Drink Mix320.51
Ale Powder610.98
Ales ,Dehydrated821.31
Alkyd Resin, Flaked500.8
All Plant Protein Powder45.50.73
Allumina Powder500.8
Almond & Pecan Blend550.88
Almond Flour681.09
Almonds, Blanched41.60.67
Almonds, Blanched & Sliced27.20.44
Alum Pigment500.8
Alumia Trihyrate320.51
Alumina Hydrate681.09
Alumina Hydrate, Coarse600.96
Alumina Oxide Powder170.27
Alumina Powder15.20.24
Alumina Silica480.77
Alumina Trihydrate 520.83
Alumina, Ceramic Powder600.96
Alumina, Wet Scrubber Mud600.96
Aluminates Mix150.24
Aluminium Hydroxide911.46
Aluminum Chlor-Hydrate500.004
Aluminum Dross290.46
Aluminum Flux52.50.84
Aluminum Hydroxide26.50.42
Aluminum Oxide360.58
Aluminum Silicate310.5
Aluminum Sulfate Granules580.93
Aluminum Trihydrate42.50.68
Amberlite 200.320369
Ameraffin Wax220.35
Ammonium Bicarbonate9.60.15
Ammonium Carbonate46.40.74
Ammonium Chloride130.21
Ammonium Molybdate270.43
Ammonium Nitrate340.54463
Ammonium Sulfate691.11
Ammonium Sulfate, Fertilizer250.4
Amonia Nitrate500.8
Amonium Dimolybdate300.48
Amorhous Silica Fume330.53
Anhydorous Aluminum Silicate Clay300.48
Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate400.64
Animal Feed, Dry Blend600.96
Annatto Seed, Oil Soaked340.54463
Annatto Seed, Water Soaked560.9
Apple Bits741.19
Apple Cider Drink Mix560.9
Apple Cinnamon Crunch540.86
Apple Glaze270.43
Aqualon Cellulose Gum220.35
Aquarium Gravel651.04
Arabic Gum33.60.54
Arael, Unpelletized661.06
Aromatic Carboxylic Anhydride250.4
Artifical Vanilla 751.2
Ashalt Base500.8
Aspirin Granulation340.54463
Atomite And Vinyl Resin460.74
Attapulgite Clay26.50.42
Augratin Seasoning420.67
Azdel Regrind29.50.47
Azdel, Black Plastic Regrind29.50.47
Baby Food27.20.44
Baby Powder28.50.46
Bacon Bits791.27
Bacon Bits450.72
Bacon Bits & Flour260.42
Bacon Stris100.16
Baghouse Dust610.98
Baghouse Dust From Glass Furnace1452.32
Bakery Mix260.42
Baking Soda Silica29.50.47
Ball Clary, Hydrous Aluminum Silicate270.43
Ball Clay350.560646
Banana Flakes290.46
Barbecue Seasoning Blend540.86
Barex 570.91
Barium Ferrite350.560646
Barium Monohydrate380.61
Barium Oxide500.8
Barley Bits16.50.26
Barley Flour290.46
Basic Coer Carbonate470.75
Basing Cement420.67
Bath Soap Pellets220.35
Batter Mix 701.12
Bauxite Cereal Binder, Dry350.560646
Bauxite Cereal Binder, Wet350.560646
Bedding Material, Small Wooden Chips300.48
Beef Liver, Dried 300.48
Beef Powder400.64
Beef Seasoning380.61
Belt Press Cake170.27
Bentinite Clay550.88
Bentonite Clay280.45
Bentonite Kitty Litter340.54463
Beta Chip14.40.23
Beta Nepthol560.9
Biosolids Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer570.91
Bisphenol 310.5
Bisphenol, Flakes300.48
Bisphenol, Prills570.91
Black & White Pepper270.43
Black Eye Beans350.560646
Blanched Clams350.560646
Blast Furnace Dust470.75
Bleaching Clay, Absorbant450.72
Blended Cathode Powder60.1
Blended Powder, Polypropolene540.86
Blue Berry Pebbles460.74
Blue Desiccant53.60.86
Blue Pigment631.01
Blueberry Bits160.26
Bold Party Mix Seasoning400.64
Bolomite Dust400.64
Bone Dust500.8
Bone Meal, Dry380.61
Borax Pentahydrate500.8
Boric Acid58.40.94
Boric Acid And Soda Ash310.5
Boric Acid Powder480.77
Boron Carbide590.95
Bovine Plasms370.59
Brake Lining Mix260.42
Bread Crumbs240.38
Breading, Flour 320.51
Brewers Yeast29.50.47
Broic Acid320.51
Brown Buff Pigment500.8
Brown Rice Flour20.50.33
Brown Sugar580.93
Brown Whey Powder210.34
Buffalo Chicken Per-Dust200.320369
Bulk Pulp Citrus Cells200.320369
Burgess Clay230.37
Butadiene Styrene Copolymers250.4
Butter Toffee Candy250.4
Butyl Phenol250.4
Butyl Phenol, Resin270.43
Cadium Bearing Zinc Oxide Dust160.26
Caffeinated Coffee Grounds330.53
Cake Flour330.53
Cake Mix, German Chocolate400.64
Cake Mix, With Shortening90.14
Calcified Food Base300.48
Calcinated Kaolin Clay1532.45
Calcined Alumina500.8
Calcined Alumina, Aluminum Oxide Cerium Oxide29.50.47
Calcined Bauxite400.64
Calcined Flint841.35
Calcined Kaolin Clay22.50.36
Calcined Petroleum Coke360.58
Calcium Ascorbate2253.6
Calcium Carbide250.4
Calcium Carboante Slurry0.30.004
Calcium Carbonate 470.75
Calcium Carbonate Slurry360.58
Calcium Carbonate, Atomite350.560646
Calcium Carbonate, Georgia Marble Gamasperse340.54463
Calcium Chloride490.78
Calcium Chloride, Crude43.50.7
Calcium Cilicate741.19
Calcium Cyanamid751.2
Calcium Dical Phosphate661.06
Calcium Gluconate410.66
Calcium Halophosphate530.85
Calcium Hydroxide340.54463
Calcium Hydroxide, Dust430.688794
Calcium Hydroxide, Fines350.560646
Calcium Hydrozide, Lime200.320369
Calcium Iodate520.83
Calcium Lactate180.29
Calcium Oxide580.93
Calcium Roionate37.50.6
Calcium Silicon300.48
Calcium Stearate520.83
Calcium Zinc Stearate540.86
Candy Coated Chocolate Drops59.20.95
Candy Sprinkles600.96
Cane Sugar30.40.49
Captan, Fungicide230.37
Car Wash Detergent15.50.25
Caramel Nut Seasoning With Salt170.27
Caraway Seeds500.8
Carbon Black701.12
Carbon Black, Crushed200.320369
Carbon Black, Flakes921.47
Carbon Dust480.77
Carbon Fiber5.70.09
Carbon Fiber, Wet350.560646
Carbon Graphite51.20.82
Carbon Graphite Powder420.67
Carbon, Calcined Petroleum Coke14.40.23
Carbonized Paper600.96
Carbose Cmc380.61
Cardio Aid Phytosterols390.62
Carpet And Room Deodorizer360.58
Carpet Conditioner32.50.52
Casein Glue320.51
Castor Wax Flakes6.40.1
Cat Litter440.7
Cat Litter Deodorant360.58
Cathode Mix1963.14
Cattle Feed520.83
Caustic Potash, Dry470.75
Caustic Soda Beads 460.74
Celaton Floor Dry651.04
Cellulose 2604.16
Cellulose & Reduced Iron Mixture651.04
Cellulose Acatate-Butyrate631.01
Cellulose Arbocel B 800681.09
Cellulose Gum56.50.91
Cellulose Powder490.78
Cellulose, Solka Floc1752.8
Celogen 460.74
Celogen, Blowing Agent490.78
Cement Based Waterproof Coating43.50.7
Cement Dust631.01
Cement Powder500.8
Century Whey, Bi Pro Isolate751.2
Ceramic Beads701.12
Ceramic Beads Powder, Drier Discharge400.64
Ceramic Beas340.54463
Ceramic Frit600.96
Ceramic Material500.8
Ceramic Triangle Stones280.45
Cereal Pellets550.88
Cerium Carbonate320.51
Cerium Oxide400.64
Charcoal Chips180.29
Charcoal, Ground370.59
Cheddar Cheese430.688794
Cheddar Seasoning430.688794
Cheese & Shortening450.72
Cheese Flour Mix380.61
Cheese Mix400.64
Cheese Powder 400.64
Cheese, Fine Ground Parmesan380.61
Cheese, Grated350.560646
Cheese, Grated400.64
Cheesecake Crumb270.43
Chesse Powder Blend280.45
Chestnut Extract Powder 260.42
Chewing Gum Base1211.94
Chi Wood 1151.84
Chicken Bouillon530.85
Chicken Embryos, In Shell420.67
Chicken Flavored Soup Base350.560646
Chicken Gravy Mix500.8
Chicken Seasoning500.8
Chicken Soup With Noodles320.51
Chile Pods, Dried370.59
China Clay490.78
Chinese Bauxite, Calcined420.67
Chlorinated Trisodium Phosphate420.67
Chlorine Based Detergent33.50.54
Chocolate Chipsm, Mini120.19
Chocolate Pudding Dry Mix300.48
Chocolate Volcano Cake Base300.48
Chopped Copper Wire, Coarse150.24
Chopped Copper Wire, Fine150.24
Chopped Ethafoam320.51
Chopped Glass Fibers3004.81
Chopped Hd Polyethylene520.83
Chopped Hd Polyethylene (Recycled, Flake-Like)801.28
Chopped Nuts11.50.18
Chopped Peanuts350.560646
Chopped Polyroylene Fibers290.46
Chopped Thread300.48
Chopped Tobacco120.19
Chopped Walnuts300.48
Chopped Wire - Copper, Aluminum, And Insulation410.66
Chopped Wire With Filler410.66
Chrome Trioxide460.74
Chrome Yellow Medium34.50.55
Chunk Cheese43.20.688794
Chunk Chocolate400.64
Cinnamon & Sugar Mixture470.75
Cinnamon Bark500.8
Cinnamon Chips500.8
Cinnamon Chips, Bark170.27
Cinnamon Flour With Raisins Mix410.66
Cinnamon Granola24.80.4
Cinnamon / Sugar Mix450.72
Citric Acid56.80.91
Citric Acid, Anhydrous430.688794
Clarion, Bleaching Earth530.85
Clary, Kaolin - Thiele Rc-32350.560646
Clay Mixture290.46
Clay Powder290.46
Clay, 1% Moisture380.61
Clay, Kaolin440.7
Clay, Novacite #20037.50.6
Clay, Pyrophyllite360.58
Clay, Snobrite Kaolin340.54463
Coal Sample320.51
Coal, 1/4" Screened600.96
Cobalt Acetate (24%)590.95
Cobalt Manganese Oxide30.10.48
Cobalt Nitrate2504
Cobalt Powder, Extra Fine39.50.63
Cocoa Beans (Shell & Nib)50.08
Cocoa (Vending Mix)350.560646
Cocoa Beans (Raw)330.53
Cocoa Beans, Whole In Shells320.51
Cocoa Mixture49.50.79
Cocoa Nibs540.86
Cocoa Powder500.8
Cocoa Powder 10/12%340.54463
Cocoa/Powdered Sugar400.64
Coconut Base Actvated Carbon300.48
Coconut Chips320.51
Coconut Chips W/ Candy Pellets370.59
Coconut Crunch Doughnut Topping350.560646
Coconut Fibers (Coir)801.28
Coconut Flakes631.01
Coconut Monoethanolamide250.4
Coconut, Macaroon610.98
Coer Hthalocyanne Blue Crude (Dry)67.51.08
Coer Hthalocyanne Blue Crude (Wet)580.93
Coer Recipitate280.45
Coer Scrap400.64
Coffee (Decaf)340.54463
Coffee Beans500.8
Coffee Beans, Green811.3
Coffee Beans, Roasted310.5
Coffee Chaff360.58
Coffee Creamer360.58
Coffee Regular340.54463
Coffee Whitener70.11
Coffee, Dry Ground150.24
Coffee, Flaked32.50.52
Coffee, Ground560.9
Coffee, Instant560.9
Coke Fines44.50.71
Coke Maze52.50.84
Colenuts (Crushed Soy Beans)350.560646
Colloidal Clay280.45
Colored Sand300.48
Como Catalyst120.19
Compressible Sugar560.9
Concrete Lasticizer1252
Concrete Water Proofing Admixture721.15
Confectionery Sugar With 3% Corn Starch290.46
Converter Dust52.50.84
Cooked Bone430.688794
Cookie Crumbs440.7
Cookie Wafers42.50.68
Copolymer 120500.8
Copolymer 120 (Ion Exchange Resin)150.24
Copolymer 353-A (Ion Exchange Resin)370.59
Copolymer Of Styrene And Isobutyl Acid Maleate430.688794
Copper Carbonate520.83
Copper Iodide600.96
Copper Oxide210.34
Copper Powder330.53
Corn Bran, Fine Grind380.61
Corn Bread Meal400.64
Corn Feed1001.6
Corn Flaking Grits620.99
Corn Flour460.74
Corn Glutten Feed260.42
Corn Grits240.38
Corn Kernels300.48
Corn Meal400.64
Corn Meal Flour510.82
Corn Meal Mix400.64
Corn Silk Powder320.51
Corn Starch360.58
Corn Starch480.77
Corn Starch390.62
Corn Starch (Refined From Waxy Corn)520.83
Corn Syrup Solids430.688794
Corn, Large Kernal7.50.12
Cotton Flock410.66
Cotton Seed Hulls320.51
Cottonseed Protein661.06
Cracked Black Pepper Blend120.19
Cracked Corn240.38
Cracked Pop Corn200.320369
Cracker Crumbs280.45
Cracker Meal340.54463
Cranberry Pulp350.560646
Cranberry, Spinach, Carrot Blend350.560646
Cream Powder390.62
Creping Aid (Glue)400.64
Crisped Rice70.11
Crodamide Ebs Micobeads500.8
Crosslinked Copolymer 490.78
Crude Blue600.96
Crude Blue (Pigment)500.8
Crum Rubber30.40.49
Crush Cookies380.61
Crushed Crab Shell310.5
Crushed Malted Barley32.50.52
Crushed Rosin350.560646
Crushed Soy Beans380.61
Crystal Caustic70.11
Crystalline Sulfur320.51
Cumarone Indene Resin360.58
Cumin Seads320.51
Cumin Seed, Pakistan260.42
Cupric Sulfate320.51
Cupric Sulfate Pentahydrate230.37
Cuprous Oxide360.58
Cutina C390.62
Cvc Resin Cake 400.64
Decabromodiphenyl Oxide490.78
Dehydrated Banana Flakes220.35
Dehydrated Potatoes240.38
Dehydrated Soup210.34
Dehydrated Vegetables420.67
Dehyrated Whole Black Beans300.48
Demerara Sugar510.82
Densified Rice200.320369
Densified Rise (Rice Crispies)1001.6
Dental Casting Powder600.96
Dental Plaster (White)290.46
Dental Powder450.72
Denture Cleaner751.2
Detergent Tailings32.50.52
Dextrin & Kaolin Clay310.5
Dextros Monohydrated250.4
Dextrose & Fine Salt841.35
Dextrose & Oil33.50.54
Dextrose Monohydrate320.51
Dextrose Sugar530.85
Diacalite (Diatomaceous Earth)270.43
Diammonium Phosphate270.43
Diatomaceous Earth360.58
Dibromoneopentyl Glycol22.50.36
Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate450.72
Diced Peanuts52.50.84
Dichlorohenoxyacetic Acid 350.560646
Die Stone651.04
Dipotassium Phosphate641.03
Disodium Phosphate390.62
Disodium Phosphate 450.72
Disodium Sebacate200.320369
Distilled Monoglyceride580.93
Distilled Monoglyceride520.83
Dog Food290.46
Dog Food Regrained460.74
Dolomite (Raw)550.88
Dolomitic Lime390.62
Dolomitic Limestone430.688794
Dough Mix380.61
Dried Algae400.64
Dried Alumina Gel Green Grains42.50.68
Dried Alumina Gel Green Pellets350.560646
Dried Bone & Meat Scraps400.64
Dried Brewers Yeast350.560646
Dried Calcuim Carbonate350.560646
Dried Carrots350.560646
Dried Celery, Bell Peppers, Onions260.42
Dried Dairy Waste Product290.46
Dried Filter Plant Solids620.99
Dried Green Peppers360.58
Dried Horseradish Powder (Wasabi)440.7
Dried Meat / Powder Protein200.320369
Dried Pelltized Bi-Mass230.37
Dried Pepper260.42
Dried Premium Cranberries320.51
Dried Skim Milk44.50.71
Dried Sludge300.48
Dried Smoked Yeast490.78
Dried Whole Whey Powder330.53
Dried Yeast310.5
Drimarene Turquoise Powder350.560646
Drink Mix, Powdered330.53
Dry Batter Mix400.64
Dry Blend Animal Feed360.58
Dry Coffee240.38
Dry Concentrate Fertilizer71.61.15
Dry Foundry Silica Sand 350.560646
Dry Milk370.59
Dry Milk Powder (Non-Fat)350.560646
Dry Pulverized Chaff460.74
Dry Red Beans350.560646
Dry Salt500.8
Dry Sluge31.50.5
Dry Slurry, Powdered Detergent80.13
Dryed Celery, Bell Peppers, Onions70.11
Drying Powder80.13
Durum Semolina Flour260.42
Echinacea Root801.28
Eco Flurries370.59
Edta Acid550.88
Egg Bow Noddle721.15
Egg Flour731.17
Egg Noodle (1/16Wx2 1/2" - 4"L)781.25
Egg Powder671.07
Egg Shell Calcium 470.75
Egg Shell Calcium 731.17
Elbow Noodles901.44
Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide1001.6
Encasulated Urea42.50.68
Entachlorohenal (Ermatox D-2)60.80.97
Epsom Salt2313.7
Erucamide (Fatty Acid)450.72
Erythromycin Base330.53
Erythromycin Base Dihydrate350.560646
Erythromycin Thiocyanate320.51
Ester (Similar To Fatty Acid)500.8
Ethocell Powder510.82
Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (Eva)410.66
Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Resin350.560646
Evaorated Salt600.96
Expanded Pelite661.06
Feed Grade Mini-Granular Zinc540.86
Ferric Citrate500.8
Ferric Phosphate500.8
Ferric Sulfate (Citco)280.45
Ferrite Powder400.64
Ferromolybdenum Powder170.27
Ferrouis Sulfate Heptahydrate490.78
Ferrous Sulfate410.66
Ferrous Sulfate (Moist)651.04
Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate66.51.07
Fertilizer (20-20-20) & (32-10-10)520.83
Fiber Board11.20.18
Fiber Glass Strands460.74
Fiber Neet Resin460.74
Fiber Samples801.28
Fiberglass Reinforcements112.51.8
Fiberglass, Chopped480.77
Filter Aid651.04
Filter Aid (Celite)1001.6
Filter Cake (Oat Bran)681.09
Filter Powder831.33
Filter Press Cake570.91
Fine Flake Salt 400.64
Fine Grog (Crushed Brick)420.67
Fine Plastic Flakes (Milled Material)370.59
Finished Detergent300.48
Fire Extinguishers Chemical310.5
Fish Food360.58
Fish Food Wafer350.560646
Fish Powder400.64
Flake Gelatin400.64
Flake Wood Carbon (Charcoal)380.61
Flaked Potatoes 44.50.71
Flaked Potatoes (Wet)300.48
Flame Retardant200.320369
Flea Killer For Carpets330.53
Flock (Poly)320.51
Flour (High Gluten)420.67
Flour (Pancake Mix)37.50.6
Flour Bedding400.64
Flour Breading390.62
Flour Mix310.5
Flour Salt440.7
Fluorescent Powder550.88
Flux Calcined Diatomaceous Earth330.53
Fly Ash From Ulverized Coal And Bark56.50.91
Food Grade Resin Powder3004.81
Food Grade Starch380.61
Foundry Molding Sand460.74
Foundry Sand751.2
Fragrance Compound (Perfume)400.64
Freeze Dried Beef Stew Mix350.560646
Freeze Dried Coffee Beans580.93
Freeze Dried Corn (Whole Kernal)490.78
Freeze Dried Pineapple Juice530.85
French Fry Crumb480.77
French Fry Mix540.86
French Roast Whole Coffee Beans550.88
French Vanilla Coffee Creamer470.75
Frozen Brocoli430.688794
Frozen Cheese Tortellini350.560646
Frozen Mix Vegetable42.50.68
Frozen Oatmeal350.560646
Frozen Potato Wedges500.8
Frozen Potatoes500.8
Frozen Sausage1081.73
Frozen Sausage550.88
Frozen Slice Apples350.560646
Fruit Fill480.77
Fumaric Acid500.8
Fumed Silica250.4
Gamma Iron Oxide270.43
Gamma Iron Oxide (Ferrox)270.43
Garlic Powder440.7
Garonite (Pourable Hydraulic Cement)971.55
Garrageenan & Xanthan901.44
Gelatin, Bone Remelt370.59
Gelatin, Porkskin Blend350.560646
Geloy Resin Powder220.35
General Urose Henolk40.50.65
Glass Beads Solid Glass Spheres811.3
Glass Bubbles400.64
Glass Fibers1532.45
Glass Filled Polypropylene44.50.71
Glass Frit, Coarse620.99
Glass Frit, Fine350.560646
Glass Powder460.74
Glaze Flavor56.80.91
Glitter Material 350.560646
Gloss White Powder Coating400.64
Gloss White Powder Coating (Paint)1502.4
Glyhosate Technical (Wet Cake)751.2
Graham Cracker Crumbs360.58
Graham Crumbs250.4
Grahm Cracker Meal520.83
Grand Gourmet Pre-Mix (90% Soya Flour, 10% Vitamins)450.72
Granola Mix450.72
Granualted Cermaic Powder170.27
Granuated Sugar170.27
Granular Activated Carbon340.54463
Granular Carbon Activated230.37
Granular Carbon Black480.77
Granular Clay230.37
Granular Feed 230.37
Granular Powder Coal901.44
Granular Roduct (Calcium Hohate)47.50.76
Granular Root Zone320.51
Granulate Plastic390.62
Granulated Ceramic Powder180.29
Granulated Plastic180.29
Granulated Sugar530.85
Granulated Sugar With Additive (Brown)400.64
Granulated Sugar With Additive (Pink)42.50.68
Graphite (Not Synthetic)470.75
Graphite Fiber Black480.77
Graphite, Carbon Mix450.72
Grated Cheese45.50.73
Gravy Mix46.50.74
Gravy, Biscuit47.50.76
Gravy, Brown40.50.65
Gray Carbon Black190.3
Green Pepper (1/4")450.72
Green Split Peas480.77
Green Tea530.85
Greencake (Pigment)360.58
Grinding Sludge350.560646
Grits (Pearl)90.14
Groud Lime70.11
Ground Almonds220.35
Ground Cinnamon35.70.57
Ground Clay761.22
Ground Clay (Oil-Dri)360.58
Ground Cloves560.9
Ground Coffee410.66
Ground Corn Cobb (1/8")340.54463
Ground Fiberglass270.43
Ground Graham320.51
Ground Gypsum Boards1592.55
Ground Iron Ore871.39
Ground Lifesavers230.37
Ground Lime250.4
Ground Limestone410.66
Ground Marble440.7
Ground Melmack43.50.7
Ground Oat Hulls420.67
Ground Or Crack Wheat350.560646
Ground Oyster Shells77.51.24
Ground Parmesan Cheese32.50.52
Ground Plastics450.72
Ground Polyurethane41.50.66
Ground Potato Flakes290.46
Ground Rice500.8
Ground Rubber390.62
Ground Shale38.50.62
Ground Silica300.48
Ground Sodium Bora-Silicate200.320369
Ground Sulfur340.54463
Ground Tea Leaves711.14
Ground Up Tires 510.82
Guar Gum23.50.38
Guar Gum Powder1041.67
Gum Base Pallets (Long Pallets)440.7
Gum Colloid46.50.74
Gum Premix120
Gum Premix (Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Kappa Carragenan)280.45
Gummer Animal Glue350.560646
Gypsum & Hydrated Lime Blend1101.76
Hampster Bedding250.4
Hand Cleaner370.59
Hard Plastic350.560646
Hazel Nuts, Peanuts, Almonds350.560646
Health Drink Power35.20.560646
Heat Treated Wheat Flour300.48
Heat-Dried Biosolids230.37
Heavy Layer 32.80.53
Henolic Resin170.27
Hepes Free Acid200.320369
Herb & Butter Seasonings480.77
Herbal Blend37.50.6
Hexamethylene Tetramine32.50.52
Hexamine 150.24
Hiuric Acid60.1
Hog & Cattle Sulfa590.95
Hogs Hair350.560646
Hyddrated Sodium Tripolyphosphate300.48
Hydrated Alumina300.48
Hydrated Lime580.93
Hydrated Sodium Tripolyphosphate891.43
Hydrated Zeolite1201.92
Hydro Balls Expanded Clay50.08
Hydrofol Acid54.50.87
Hydromethyl Aminomethan470.75
Hydrous Aluminum Silicate380.61
Hydroxy Stearic Acid300.48
Hydroxyethyl Cellulose200.320369
Hydroxystearic Acid37.50.6
Hysorb (Sodium Polyacrylate)480.77
Ice Cream671.07
Ice Cream Powder (Chocolate)270.43
Indigo Blue Dye600.96
Ink Powder250.4
Insect Control Dust100.16
Instant Coffee1502.4
Instant Tea W/ Malto Dextron38.50.62
Instant Tea Wet Mix340.54463
Iodine Poly-Vinyl Pirrolidone82.51.32
Ion Exchange Resin350.560646
Iridescent Flakes681.09
Iron Oxide160.26
Iron Oxide (Black)350.560646
Iron Oxide (Red)550.88
Iron Oxide (Red, Brown, & Black)580.93
Iron Oxide (Suerfine Alhahematite)150.24
Iron Oxide (Yellow)41.30.66
Iron Powder350.560646
Iron Powder, Carbonyl Css67.51.08
Iron Powder, Gray32.50.52
Iron Pyrites 380.61
Iron Shot380.61
Iron Silicide821.31
Isolated Soy Protein891.43
Italian Seasoning600.96
Japanese Bread Crumbs20.03
Kaolin Clay500.8
Kibble Dry741.19
Kibble Wet49.50.79
Kidney Beans450.72
L - Tryptophan 97%330.53
Lanthanom Oxide450.72
Latte Mix500.8
Laundry Detergent450.72
Laundry Detergent Dust560.9
Lead Chloride350.560646
Lead Chromated Pigment240.38
Lead Dust47.50.76
Lead Monoxide (Litharge)410.66
Lead Oxide (Powdered & Pelletized)600.96
Lead Oxide, Granular450.72
Lemon Pepper Breading350.560646
Lentil Soup Mix560.9
Lentils Beans Soaked For 24 Hours430.688794
Lime 540.86
Lime , Soda Ash, Glass Sand400.64
Lime Stone400.64
Lime White470.75
Lime, Hydrated600.96
Lime, Pulverized Quick27.50.44
Limestone (Calcium Carbonate)200.320369
Limestone (Marble Chips)410.66
Limestone Powder380.61
Lite Salt38.50.62
Litharge Lead Oxide500.8
Lithium Carbonate600.96
Lithium Iron Phosphate80.13
Lithium Potassium Carbonate Eutectic19.10.31
Liver Powder16.50.26
Loose Biomass-Shredded Fiber150.24
Loose Facial Powder150.24
Macadama Nuts (No Shell)100.16
Macadama Nuts (Chopped)500.8
Mackamide Cma821.31
Magnesium Carbonate550.88
Magnesium Chips600.96
Magnesium Chloride17.50.28
Magnesium Flakes200.320369
Magnesium Hydroxide Powder270.43
Magnesium Oxide520.83
Magnesium Silicate550.88
Magnesium Sulphate (Ground)380.61
Magnesium Sulphate (Unground)390.62
Magnesium Swarf48.50.78
Magnetic Iron Oxide37.50.6
Magnetite Concentrate51.50.82
Maleic Anhydride1121.79
Malic Acid400.64
Malt Mix31.50.5
Malted Barley (Partially Sprouted)220.35
Malted Milk Powder360.58
Maltitol Nutriose Blend300.48
Malto - Dextrim 350.560646
Manganese Dioxide86.51.39
Manganese Dioxide, Graphite, Potash Liquid Mix641.03
Manganese Powder651.04
Marigold Seeds550.88
Marshmallow Mix430.688794
Meatloaf Spice330.53
Melamine Chemicals420.67
Melamine Powder350.560646
Meron Pellets420.67
Metallic Brake Ad Mix (Gray)651.04
Methocel Cellulose Ether701.12
Methyl Cellulose600.96
Methyltin Mercatide Filter Cake530.85
Mevchem 140 (Resin)300.48
Micro Abrasives -25 Aluminum Oxide701.12
Micro Abrasives 9-25 Aluminum Oxide500.8
Micro Mx (Cattle Mineral Suplement)250.4
Microcrystalline Cellulose24.80.4
Microcrystalline Wax340.54463
Microglass Fine Flake370.59
Micronized Calcium Carbonate500.8
Micronized Polyurethane Powder80.13
Microsized Salt2604.16
Microsoy Flakes530.85
Midlings (Ground Copper Wire & Insulation)36.50.57
Milk Powder350.560646
Milk Powder Based Feed350.560646
Milk Powder, Non-Fat Dry610.98
Milk Powder, Whole310.5
Milled Bread Crumbs520.83
Milled Fiberglass600.96
Milled Lime450.72
Milled Lime Dust5.50.09
Milled Monosodium Phosphate370.59
Minced Garlic470.75
Minex 290.46
Miniature Chocolate Chips310.5
Mint Tea290.46
Mircoessentials Powder300.48
Mixed Spices310.5
Modified Hydroxyethyl Cellulose520.83
Molybdenum Disulfide1402.24
Molybdenum Sulphide390.62
Monocalcium Phophate Monohydrate260.42
Monootassium Phoshate3004.81
Monosodium Glutamate180.29
Monosodium Phophate180.29
Morthane Ca-10029.50.47
Mozzarella Cheese330.53
Muffin Mix440.7
Mung Bean Starch671.07
Muriate Of Potash731.17
Mustard Flour270.43
Mustard Powder631.01
Mustard Seed761.22
Mystic White (Pool Filter Sand)130.21
Nacho Cheese400.64
Nacho Seasoning350.560646
Natural Calcium Carbonate (Lime)350.560646
Natural Vanilla 35.50.57
Natural Zeolite550.88
Nickel Alloy Powder3004.81
Nickel Cyclone Dust250.4
Nine Grain Blend550.88
Nitrobenzoic Acid550.88
No Bake Foundry Sand450.72
Non-Asbestos Brake Lining Powder641.03
Non-Dairy Creamer460.74
Non-Fat Dry Milk310.5
Nutritional Powder300.48
Nylon Insulation80.13
Nylon Polyamide Fibers27.50.44
Oak Pellets330.53
Oak Saw Dust250.4
Oat Bran450.72
Oat Flour490.78
Oat Grouts540.86
Oatmeal & Rice Baby Ceral610.98
Oil Dry350.560646
Oil Saturated Clay500.8
Oil Saturated Clay (Fines Fromoil Well Drilling Solids)560.9
Oil-Dri Fragrance631.01
Oily Cake290.46
Olymer Fibers500.8
Onion Flakes350.560646
Onion Powder390.62
Onion Salt380.61
Orange Peel (Dried)310.5
Orcelain Enamel Frit450.72
Oregano, Whole Mexican, Greek Cut70.11
Orgainic Whole Grain Flour480.77
Organic Animal Feed641.03
Organic Cane Sugar370.59
Organic Fertilizer (Biosolids)550.88
Organic Spring Wheat Flour550.88
Otassium Acetate250.4
Otassium Citrate340.54463
Otassium Hydroxide52.50.84
Pacake Premix (Originally Frozen)300.48
Pacific Chai (Vanilla) Drink Mix400.64
Palm Oil Flakes300.48
Pancake Mix330.53
Pancake Premix340.54463
Pancake Premix (Originally Frozen)220.35
Paper 250.4
Paper Cellulose250.4
Paper Dust23.50.38
Paper Mache210.34
Parmesan Cheese400.64
Parmesan Starter Culture500.8
Parsley Flakes (Dry)1001.6
Parsley Salt Blend34.40.55
Pasturized Grade A Whole Milk Powder 310.5
Peanut Butter Cookie310.5
Peanut Butter Cracker Meal150.24
Peanut Cake300.48
Peanut Fines951.52
Peanut Meal2103.36
Peanuts, Whole Shelled, Raw400.64
Peas (Quartered) Green340.54463
Peat Moss430.688794
Peat Moss With Coconut Fibers420.67
Pecan Halves440.7
Pecan Pieces34.40.55
Pelletized Pvc Alloy240.38
Pepperoni Spice190.3
Peptona De Caseina470.75
Peralite (Sheetrock)380.61
Perlite (Sodium Potassium Alluminum Silicate)50.08
Perlite And Silicate Mix280.45
Perlite Powder (Expanded)60.1
Pet Food (Dried, Bone Shaped)280.45
Petroleum Coke290.46
Petroleum Coke Fines370.59
Petroleum Coke Flour1802.88
Pharmaceutical Powder, Unground480.77
Pharmaceutical Starch37.50.6
Phenolic Novolac Thermalsetting Molding Compound610.98
Phtalic Anhydrite540.86
Pie Crust Mix (Bran Meal, Sugar, Shortening)170.27
Pigment (Red)250.4
Pigment, Blue360.58
Pigment, Yellow110.18
Pine Resin-Flaked32.50.52
Pine Shavings With 5% Alpha Dry Paper Squares300.48
Pinto Beans41.50.66
Pinto Beans, Whole Raw440.7
Pizza Dough Mix330.53
Pizza Dough Mix (Franchise Mix)47.50.76
Pizza Dough Mix (In House Sweet Dough)360.58
Plant Protein140.22
Plaster Powder350.560646
Plaster, Moulding250.4
Plasterboard Dust46.50.74
Plastic Abrasive (With 30% Water)420.67
Plastic Beads290.46
Plastic Cigar Tips13.60.22
Plastic Crystals32.50.52
Plastic Cubes360.58
Plastic Film Chips901.44
Plastic Flake400.64
Plastic Pellet570.91
Plastic Powder500.8
Plastic Regrind400.64
Plastic Regrind (.0105")330.53
Plastic Regrind (.025")300.48
Plastic Regrind (.025")801.28
Plastic Resin Pellets691.11
Plasticized Metallic Pellets73.51.18
Plywood Adhesive Filler37.60.6
Polishing Media51.50.82
Poltethylene Glycol450.72
Polyad Preblend 901.44
Polyblend 380.61
Polyehtylene Pellets & Mica Mixture520.83
Polyester Flake380.61
Polyester Flock340.54463
Polyester Pellets390.62
Polyester Powder390.62
Polyester Resin Flake560.9
Polyethlene / Carnauba Wax Blend200.320369
Polyethylen Wax Homopolymer570.91
Polyethylene Glycol 290.46
Polyethylene Pellets420.67
Polyethylene Pellets & Mica Mixture450.72
Polyethylene Powder300.48
Polyethylene Resin - 35 Mesh35.80.57
Polyethylene Scrap37.50.6
Polyolefin Powder600.96
Polypropolene, Pellet1001.6
Polypropylene Flake550.88
Polypropylene Homopolymer360.58
Polypropylene Pellets46.50.74
Polyramix (Salt) Waste731.17
Polyster Chips1001.6
Polyster Flake620.99
Polystrene Regrind Plastic530.85
Polystyrene Beads 440.7
Polystyrene Flakes681.09
Polystyrene Pellet931.49
Polystyrene Regrind Plastic230.37
Polystyrene / Zinc Stearate Compound651.04
Polytetrafluoroethylene (Ptfe) Powder651.04
Polytetramethylene Terephthalate360.58
Polyvinyl Alcohol661.06
Polyvinyl Chloride, Powder500.8
Pop Corn Meal400.64
Pop Corn Meal & Cracked Pop Corn Mix (50/50)400.64
Popcorn (Popped)340.54463
Popcorn Kernels350.560646
Popcorn Kernels (Soak In Water 48 Hours)390.62
Poppy Seed340.54463
Porcelain Enamal 520.83
Pork Rinds (Hot, Pork Skin)500.8
Potassium Alumina Silcates63.21.01
Potassium Bichromate44.50.71
Potassium Carbonate350.560646
Potassium Chloride110.18
Potassium Chloride (Blended With 1.2% Cabosil)300.48
Potassium Humate30.05
Potassium Nitrate761.22
Potassium Permanganate931.49
Potassium Sorbate40.06
Potato Chips310.5
Potato Flakes380.61
Potato Flour340.54463
Potato Pancake Mix310.5
Potato Starch160.26
Potato Starch Flake310.5
Potato Starch Powder320.51
Poultry Bone Residue500.8
Poultry Gravy33.60.54
Poultry Seasoning320.51
Powder Coating34.40.55
Powder Pesticide490.78
Powder Salt Mix, Flavoring,Sodium Bicarbonate61.60.99
Powdered Acrylic Resin220.35
Powdered Activated Carbon 220.35
Powdered Alpha Gary Pvc210.34
Powdered Brown Sugar170.27
Powdered Candy Ingredients400.64
Powdered Caramel Color300.48
Powdered Cellulose460.74
Powdered Coke/Calcined450.72
Powdered Dessert400.64
Powdered Egg White450.72
Powdered Fabric Softener280.45
Powdered Laundry Detergent200.320369
Powdered Metal47.50.76
Powdered Paint500.8
Powdered Salt310.5
Powdered Soybean Lecithin400.64
Powdered Steel350.560646
Powdered Sugar 450.72
Powdered Sugar (3% Starch)46.50.74
Powdered Sugar With 3% Corn Starch43.50.7
Preblend Tortilla320.51
Precipitated Silica300.48
Premium Hardwood Pellets Fuel651.04
Premium Wood Pellets Fuel550.88
Promazine Granules390.62
Propyl Paraben270.43
Protein Drink Mix - Whey, Sweetener, Nutrients240.38
Protein Drink Mixes (Vanilla, Chocolate)270.43
Protein Mix (French Vanilla)270.43
Protein Powder350.560646
Pulp Dust731.17
Pulverized Limestone120.19
Quarternary Amines, Dried Product200.320369
Quick Oat270.43
Quicklime (Ca0)360.58
Quick-Solid Absorbant (Sodium Polyacrylate)41.60.67
Raisins & Dates410.66
Ranch Seasoning350.560646
Rat Feed (1/4" H X 1/2" W X 1" L)350.560646
Raw Cellulose500.8
Raw Cement410.66
Raw Plastic Flakes691.11
Rawhide & Starch Blend300.48
Reclaim Waste Cement30.05
Recycled Acrylic310.5
Recycled Tire Rubber350.560646
Red Cedar360.58
Red Iron Oxide410.66
Red Pepper (3/8")360.58
Red Peppermint Flakes350.560646
Red Skinned Peanuts951.52
Reground Polyethylene47.50.76
Rennet Casin350.560646
Resi-Flake And Phenoli Resin320.51
Resimene 51.50.82
Rice Crispies901.44
Rice Crispy Treat Cereal310.5
Rice Flour701.12
Rice Hull Ash620.99
Rice Hulls691.11
Rice Hulls, Dry490.78
Rice Hulls, Wet671.07
Rice Hulls/Limstone751.2
Rice Short Grain430.688794
Roast Chicken Seasoning For Rice150.24
Roasted Coffee Beans340.54463
Roasted Coffee Beans Whole80.13
Roasted Garlic And Herb1252
Roasted Peanuts600.96
Roasted Soy Beans100.16
Roasted Whole Bean Coffee400.64
Roasting Seasoning290.46
Rock Salt350.560646
Roduct Fines460.74
Rolled Corn320.51
Rolled Oats (Thick)350.560646
Roofing Granules440.7
Rooibos Dried Tea691.11
Rosemary Seasoning490.78
Rosin 520.83
Rubber (Ground Tires)460.74
Rubber Buffings380.61
Rubber Flake37.50.6
Rubber Powder340.54463
Rubber, Ground3.50.06
Rubber, Nitrile (Baker Rubber)150.24
Rug And Room Deoderant69.51.11
Rye Flour891.43
Saccharin Sodium520.83
Salt & Milk Powder Mix420.67
Salt & Vinager Seasoning Mix410.66
Salt (Fine)681.09
Salt (Medical Grade)851.36
Salt (Modern Cure-Pink)681.09
Salt (Sodium Chloride)580.93
Salt And Calcium Chloride Mixture580.93
Salt Blend (Salt And Sucrose)600.96
Salt Brine771.23
Salt Granulated General Purpose600.96
Salt Marination With Shortening300.48
Salt, Evaporated, Granulated841.35
Salt, Ground871.39
Salt, Microsized801.28
Salt, Prepared Flour951.52
Salt/Seasoning Mixture851.36
Salted Caramel Almonds560.9
Salt-Granulated General Purpose400.64
Sand & Shale Mix470.75
Sand Additives440.7
Sandstone With Granite A180.29
Sandy Seasoning420.67
Satintone Clay220.35
Scheelite Ground Ore300.48
Scrap Metal250.4
Sea Coal42.50.68
Seafood Scampi Preblend360.58
Seasoning For Rice-A-Roni450.72
Seasoning Salt310.5
Seasonings (Pizza)400.64
Seaweed Powder400.64
Sebacic Acid 350.560646
Sebacoc Acid400.64
Sesame Flour500.8
Sesame Seed350.560646
Shorting Powder290.46
Shredded Beef Jerkey350.560646
Shredded Foam Polystyrene320.51
Shredded Olar Chips150.24
Sika Grout2203.52
Silcon Carbide450.72
Silcon Metal400.64
Silica Flour3004.81
Silica Gel 1402.24
Silica Microballoons18.40.29
Silica Sand460.74
Silica Smoke550.88
Silica, Fumed (Degussa Aerosil R972)520.83
Silicate Powder31.50.5
Silico Aluminates Mix520.83
Silicon Carbide450.72
Silicon Dioxide13.60.22
Silicon Dioxide Amorphnos320.51
Silicon Metal33.80.54
Silicone Powder37.50.6
Siliconized Monoammonium Hoshate410.66
Skim Milk540.86
Sliced Almonds500.8
Sludge From A Rotary Filter540.86
Snowflake Crystals51.50.82
Soap Flakes400.64
Soap Noodles350.560646
Soap Powder340.54463
Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)260.42
Sodiium Tripolyphosphate230.37
Sodim Ercarbonate400.64
Sodium Alumino Silcate24.80.4
Sodium Benzoate230.37
Sodium Bicarbinate31.50.5
Sodium Bisulfate65.61.05
Sodium Bromide Biocide450.72
Sodium Carbonate 270.43
Sodium Caseinate110.18
Sodium Chloride300.48
Sodium Chloride ( Salt)280.45
Sodium Chloride (Pink Salt)69.61.11
Sodium Chloride, De-Icer400.64
Sodium Citrate330.53
Sodium Citrate (Citric Acid)400.64
Sodium Cmc (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose71.31.14
Sodium Cyclamate450.72
Sodium Ercarbonate52.80.85
Sodium Hexametaphosphate360.58
Sodium Lasalocid600.96
Sodium Lasalocid (Animal Antibiotic)43.50.7
Sodium Metabisulfate240.38
Sodium Metabisulfite510.82
Sodium Monochloroacetate590.95
Sodium Nitrite27.20.44
Sodium Novobiocin360.58
Sodium Phophate Monobasic400.64
Sodium Phosphate Diabasic400.64
Sodium Silicate360.58
Sodium Silico350.560646
Sodium Solico Aluminate240.38
Sodium Stearate43.20.688794
Sodium Stearate42.50.68
Sodium Stearoyl49.60.79
Sodium Sulfamethazine310.5
Sodium Sulfate340.54463
Sodium Sulphate Salt26.50.42
Sodium Sulphate, Anhydrous300.48
Sodium Teraborate Pentahydrate420.67
Sodium Thiosulfate420.67
Sodium Thiosylfate (Hypo)440.7
Sodium Trichloroyridino41.60.67
Sodium Trimetaphosphate440.7
Sodium Trioly Hoshate19.20.31
Sodium Tripoly Phosphate380.61
Sodium, Perborate Tetrahydrate350.560646
Softener Fines440.7
Soldium Lasalocid (Animal Antibiotic)6.40.1
Solid Epoxy 330.53
Solid Plastic Resin200.320369
Solid Resin Flakes420.67
Sorbitol (Powder)450.72
Soup Base350.560646
Soup Mix 13 Bean1201.92
Soup Mix With Noodles1201.92
Soup Mix, Potato320.51
Sour Cream Powder420.67
Soy Bean Hulls (Chopped)390.62
Soy Bean Mill220.35
Soy Flour Chunk100.16
Soy Nuts250.4
Soy Nuts400.64
Soy Oil Beads (Prills)450.72
Soy Protein With Lecithin38.40.62
Soya Flour310.5
Soyisolate (Soy Powder)480.77
Spandex (Polyurethane)43.20.688794
Spanish Flavorings Seasonings22.40.36
Spectinomycin Sulfate620.99
Spent Clay39.50.63
Spent Coffee Grounds580.93
Spent Grain400.64
Sponge Iron99.21.59
Spray Dried Clay Powder27.20.44
Sprayable Concrete Mix36.60.59
Stainless Steel Shot42.60.68
Starch (Corn)36.80.6
Starch (Pregelatnized)46.40.74
Starch (Stadex)380.61
Starch, Cabosil, Ibuprofen33.60.54
Starch, Gluten, Germ, Fiber Mixture240.38
Starch, Modified Industrial47.20.76
Starch, Moulding44.80.72
Starch, Potato400.64
Starch, Wheat450.72
Steamed Bone Meal17.60.28
Steatite (85% Talc, 5% Kaolin, 10% Feldsar)30.60.49
Steel Fibers, Chopped32.80.53
Steel Shot, 3/8"460.74
Steel Wool14.40.23
Steel Wool Fibers 36.80.6
Steric Acid721.15
Stigmasterol (Steroid)60.80.97
Stone Aggregate 3/16"33.60.54
Strawberry Protein Powder510.82
Strawberry Sprinkles65.61.05
Styrene Acrylic Polymer350.560646
Styrene Maleic Anhydride Resin580.93
Sugar Beet Pulp240.38
Sugar Blend290.46
Sugar, Granulated430.688794
Sugar, Light Brown34.50.55
Sugar, Powdered35.50.57
Sugar, White76.81.23
Sugar / Salt / Frotex Mixture610.98
Sugar / Sorbitol / Phosphate Mixture3.20.05
Sugar-Gelatin Mix (92%-8%)21.60.35
Sulfanilic Acid480.77
Sulfonic Acid41.60.67
Sulfur Granulars28.80.46
Sulfur Powder1522.43
Sulphur / Rubber Makers500.8
Sumed Silica270.43
Sumikathene G20135.20.560646
Sunflour Seeds44.80.72
Sunflower Seeds, Salted & Roasted280.45
Super White Cleanser35.20.560646
Sweet Cake19.20.31
Synthetic Amorhous Silicas Gels35.20.560646
Synthetic Calcium Silcate43.20.688794
Synthetic Gysum (Bucket)33.60.54
Synthetic Iron Oxide38.40.62
Synthetic Plastic Pellets38.40.62
Synthetic Rubber39.20.63
Tabacco Dust43.20.688794
Tabular Alumia43.20.688794
Taco Seasoning32.50.52
Talc & Nitohard Batch Mix320.51
Talc Powder39.20.63
Talc, Hydrous Magnesium Silicate29.60.47
Talc, Magnesium Silicate390.62
Talcum Powder46.40.74
Tang Premix45.60.73
Tangy Ranch Powder6.40.1
Tapioca Starch (Binosol)450.72
Tartrazine Lake420.67
Tech Entaerythritol43.20.688794
Techolymer Exm320.51
Teflon Powder31.50.5
Terephtahlic Acid, Purified370.59
Terphthalic Acid54.40.87
Textured Vegtable Protein 20.80.33
Theic - Isocyanurate89.6171.44
Themoplastic Polymer30.40.49
Theraffin Wax35.20.560646
Thermbond 11.20.18
Thermo Polyurethane32.80.53
Thermoplastic Polyolefin280.45
Thermoplastic Polyurethane400.64
Thermoplastic Rubber43.20.688794
Tile Compound22.40.36
Tin Flour25.60.41
Tisand Rutile78.41.26
Titanium Dioxide22.40.36
Titanium Dioxide Titanox 2020400.64
Titanium Dioxide, Diatomaceous Earth Mixture13.70.22
Toasted Orzo30.10.48
Toatsted Coconut / Cornflake Crumb38.40.62
Tobacco Dust40.80.65
Tobacco Products54.80.88
Tricalcium Phosphate260.42
Trisodium Citrate310.5
Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate40.06
Tubettini (Macaroni)34.40.55
Tungsten Oxide100.81.61
Turf Builder -Oasis Bulk102.41.64
Turmeric, Paprika, Clove Mix280.45
Turmeric, Whole Alleppy280.45
Ulverized Vinsol Resin14.40.23
Umber Iron Oxide38.40.62
Unimin Silica15.20.24
Unitane (Cyanimid)520.83
Untreated Thermal Silica58.40.94
Urea Formaldehyde340.54463
Urea Granular681.09
Urea Industrial (46% Nitrogen)56.80.91
Urea, Fertilizer540.86
Urea, Gertilizer (Van Waters & Rogers)801.28
Urethane And Salt Mix420.67
Vagisil Powder460.74
Vanadium Trioxide701.12
Vanilla Beans Exhausted Wet120.19
Vanilla Deryrated Marshmallows120.19
Vanilla Frosting Bakery Mix15.20.24
Vegetable Powder56.80.91
Vermiculite (Magnesiuam Aluminosilicate)380.61
Vermiculite, Steel Wool, Graphite Mixture280.45
Versaro Fired Bavxite701.12
Vinyl Powder15.80.25
Vinyl Resin350.560646
Virgin Aer And Mouse Food40.80.65
Vitasul Fertilizer Grade (Cured)13.60.22
Vitreous Fiber10.40.17
Vrllulose Acatate-Butyrate520.83
Vulcanizate Rubber (Powder)24.80.4
Wallpaper Adhesive3165.06
Wasabi Powder801.28
Washed Natural Sesame Seeds1001.6
Water Dispersible33.60.54
Water Dispersible37.60.6
Water Softener Salt Pettets, 99.6% Pure Salt280.45
Wax Beads29.60.47
Wax Compound380.61
Wax Granular400.64
Wax Pearls31.40.5
Welding Exhaust Dust47.80.77
Western Bentonite 20026.40.42
Wet Cellulose114.41.83
Wet Corn66.41.06
Wet Distillers Grain16.80.27
Wet Gravel48.80.78
Wheat Bran Fiber390.62
Wheat Germ300.48
Wheat Germ Epllets/Granules Mix56.80.91
Wheat Germ Granuals (Defatted)58.40.94
Wheat Germ Pellets430.688794
Wheat Germ Pellets/Granules Mix37.60.6
Wheat Gluten50.90.82
Wheat Paste290.46
Wheat Roll58.40.94
Wheat Starch430.688794
Wheatfield 80.13
Whey (Hygroscopic)250.4
Whey (Protein) Powder42.80.68
Whey Feed Supplement32.80.53
Whey Powder28.50.46
Whey Protein260.42
Whey Protein Concentrate480.77
Whey, Lo-Lac Reduced Lactose45.60.73
Whey, Pellets500.8
White Basmati Rice120.19
White Cheddar Cheese Powder480.77
White Flakes340.54463
White Hulled Sesame Seeds80.13
White Pepper200.320369
White Plastic841.35
White Powder11.20.18
White Powder Resin10.40.17
Whole Dry Halbenero Chili42.40.68
Whole Graham80.13
Whole Milk (Powder)39.20.63
Whole Oat8.80.14
Whole Red Beans (Dehydrated)200.320369
Whole Walnuts400.64
Wild Rice600.96
Wild Rice Pancake Base32.80.53
Wire Nuts330.53
Wollastonite (Calcium Oxide)580.93
Wollastonite (Calcium Silicate)44.80.72
Wood Ash58.40.94
Wood Chips320.51
Wood Dust34.40.55
Wood Fiber400.64
Wood Fiber Black Laquor360.58
Wood Flakes With Resin Owder43.80.7
Wood Flour360.58
Wood Flour And Asbestos55.20.88
Wood Pellets34.40.55
Wood Slivers45.60.73
Wood Ul & Sodium Hydroxide-Calkali Cellulose40.80.65
Wool Dust33.40.54
Xanthum Gum430.688794
Yellotone Sulfur400.64
Yellow Bread Crumbs16.80.27
Yellow Cake1121.79
Yellow Dye450.72
Yellow Igment (Dry Ress Cake)48.80.78
Yellow Igment (Wet)26.40.42
Yellow Paint Pigment66.41.06
Yellow Pigment43.50.7
Yellow Plastic Regrind320.51
Yrolyzed Tire Char48.40.78
Yuca (Cassaba) Mass13.60.22
Yucca Powder50.40.81
Zinc Calcine641.03
Zinc Diacrylate200.320369
Zinc Dust440.7
Zinc Methionine44.50.71
Zinc Oxide390.62
Zinc Oxide / Lead Oxide56.80.91
Zinc Oxide, H 55 Resin136.82.19
Zinc Oxidic (Granules)42.40.68
Zinc Skims360.58
Zinc Stearate29.60.47
Zinc-Gor Maxi Granular48.80.78
Zinc-Gor Owder6.80.11
Zinconium Dioxide600.96
Zircon Flour26.50.42
Zircumium Basic Carbonate7.20.12