Improve Air Quality, Control Dust and Improve Housekeeping Standards

Bag Compactor Front and Back View

Our Bag Compactor is specifically engineered to:

  • Protect your employees from dust exposure. Plus, the system features safety interlocks to provide protection from operational injuries.
  • Save space with the streamline design that allows operation as a standalone unit or in combination with a Hapman bag dump/dust collector.
  • Air-operated system makes the unit safe for explosion-proof or washdown areas and requires only 26 cfm (.74 cmm) at 80 psi (5.52 bar) of compressed air.

Bag Compactor with Dust Collector and control panel.

Bag Compactor with bag dump station and control panel.

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Bag disposal access port on Bag Dump Station

Bag disposal access port allows you to insert bags directly into the compactor from the bag dump station for minimum dusting.

Dual Pneumatic Bag Compaction Rams

Dual pneumatic rams and sturdy compaction plate compress bags consistently and efficiently.

Bag Dump Station with Bag Compactor

Attach Bag Compactor to a Bag Dump Station for maximum dust containment.

Bag Compactor with removable container and disposable plastic liners.

Save time with removable container and disposable plastic liner. Compact a pile of empty bags down to an easy-to-manage 4 ft3 (.113 m3) bundle.

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  • Available in carbon steel or stainless steel.Stainless Steel Bag Dump Station and Bag Compactor.
  • Available as standalone or integral to bag dump station.