Material Degradation

DegradationOne of the biggest challenges of handling bulk material is maintaining product integrity from start to finish. The constant particle-to-particle contact during the conveying and material handling processes break down the material quality. In addition to poor quality, material degradation also creates dust and dust containment challenges.

Material Degradation Can Be Prevented

Knowing how to prevent degradation is a critical performance factor in your material handling process. Our engineers have created solutions for more than 2,600 different bulk powders and solids. The engineered processes allow you to dump, fill, feed and convey singular and multiple ingredients without degrading the quality of your materials.

And whether you use batch, intermittent or continuous flow, our product managers will specify and size the right equipment to maintain your product specifications, thus reducing waste and improving your bottom line.

Tired of fighting with degradation problems on your current handling processes? Need a material handling process with quality you can count on? Thousands of companies around the world use Hapman ideas to solve their material degradation problems. Read about some of them in the case studies.

Then contact us with your material degradation challenges. We will help you select the equipment that will improve the quality of your product. Our 100% performance guarantee is your assurance you have selected the right partner to get the results you need.