Clean Means Quality

CleanabilityCleanability, as it relates to material handling equipment, is an industry term that has varying degrees of requirements. We understand your need for cleanability and work to provide equipment and systems that meet your in plant, and industry requirements for clean standards. There are two main challenges related to cleaning; dust containment from material handling procedures, and internal equipment cleaning between batches or production runs.

Dust Containment

Material handling in dry product environments creates dust. Using the proper equipment with the right features for controlling and containing dust are imperative to maintaining a clean and safe plant environment. This is why our equipment has engineered design options for dust containment. Our Bulk Bag Unloader and Bulk Bag Filler can be equipped with a dust-tight, Flex-Connect™ flexible spout connector. The Bulk Bag Unloader is also available with the dust collection bag untie box. In addition, our bag dump station is available with a dust hood configuration.

Cleaning Between Batches or Production Runs

Our Hi/Lo Helix® flexible screw conveyor lowers so you can pull augers without using a ladder. If sanitizing is critical to your process, we build your units with 304 stainless steel, sealed motors and controls rated for washdown applications. Our engineers use special coatings, such as Teflon®, to improve product flow and resist staining. Install reverse-pulse filter cleaners, vibrators and individually controlled spray wash ports so you can clean faster, more thoroughly.

Read about some of our innovations in the case studies. Then contact us today for a solution to your cleanability challenges. We can arrange for you to test drive our products at no cost to ensure you get the results you need. Performanteed.