Turn your Batching Challenge into a Competitive Advantage

BatchingBatching has long been a challenge for processors because of the traditional, labor intensive nature of a batch-focused operation. Handling small volume dry material effectively, cleaning equipment and components thoroughly, and minimizing downtime between operations are the common profit killing hurdles batch processors face.

Over the last decade we have seen a steady increase in the request for dry material handling equipment with batch capability. We see this as companies effectively change to meet the needs of their various customers in a real-time manner. We have seen our equipment used in more R&D facilities, new product testing, and re-formulation of exiting product, where manufacturers are using batching to meet changing market demands and to gain competitive advantage.

The definition of a batch is “the quantity of material prepared or required for one operation”. The idea of batching is simple; however the profit lies in the details. We understand your needs for automated, operator friendly, cleanable equipment and we have the experience in batching equipment, systems and controls to help you turn your small material handling needs into a profitable part of your business.

Our applications experts consist of industry experienced mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineers and technical individuals. These people make up the Hapman team, each working collaboratively to provide you with the exact level of control and automation you require to make the equipment we manufacture work in your facility.

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